Saturday, November 27, 2010

What we've been doing...

Hello! Anyone there? Aunt Linda, have you given up on me and stopped checking my blog? I hope not!

Two months! Yes, it has been a whole two months since I've posted. I'm not sure why blogging has gotten so difficult for me to do. One would think that it would be easier with a child in Kindergarten. But, it hasn't been. It took me awhile to get back into a home routine after summer. Just as I was settling in, I picked up a part-time job a few times a week while Ella is in school in the morning. Lucie gets to come with me so it works out really well. However, I guess I'm back to trying to figure out a new routine that works.

So, how have we spent the last two months?

Well, October brought Halloween...

The cousin trio headed out dressed as Dorothy (Lucie), Belle (Ella) and a sweet little ballerina (Meli). Lots of fun and candy was to be had trick-or-treating in a nearby country town.

October also brought my sister Jamie's wedding party.

It was a beautiful day. The girls loved wearing their new party dresses and fancy jewelry...not to mention the hair & make-up done by Auntie Jamie's friends. Ella danced the night away...perhaps it was that whole can of Sprite she got her hands on?! The day was even better because we got to share it with my mom's sister Cass, a breast cancer survivor. (I once donated my hair in her honor.) Cass flew all the way out from Minnesota to be with us all. She is truly the "Great Aunt Cass!"

November brought a visit with my father-in-law and Ella's renewed interest in Playmobil toys. Instead of getting gifts, Randy gave gifts to his granddaughters. Lucie got another train and caboose to add to her Thomas the Tank Engine set, and Ella was thrilled to receive a Playmobil Ocean King with Carriage.

Another big highlight was Ella being chosen as the Student of the Month!

In both September and October, Ella lamented the fact that she hadn't been chosen. My parents were even able to make it up for the ceremony so Ella was quite overjoyed. Her teacher said she chose Ella because she had been learning to read on her own at home. She's already blasted her way through these cute little readers as well as some of the Bob Books.
The past few days brought a long overdue visit to my parents and a Thanksgiving feast at my sister Jamie's house. After dinner, the girls made turkeys out of apples and spice drops

Auntie Jamie even had the supplies to make "snowballs" for an indoor snowball fight. Ella didn't want the party to end, so we let her have a sleepover with Auntie Jamie. They had a GREAT time...and Ella was sure exhausted the next day. She had a glazed over look once we made it back to my parents' house. We made her take an early nap and it lasted about 4 hours. For a girl who gave up naps recently, that was quite a sleep. I guess she needed it.

Now, we're back at home and getting into the swing of our Christmas and birthday season!


FishMama said...

GREAT picture of your family. Love it!

Janel said...

Thanks sista! I think you just might receive a copy for your Happy New Year's card. :)