Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes

Looking at these two cuties, it's still amazing to me that they were both born with brown hair and blue eyes. Within a couple of months of birth, Ella's baby hair began falling out and began growing in lighter and lighter. I expected the same with Lucie and was not disappointed. Now people look at me and ask where they get their hair color. That always surprises my mind I'm still a blond! But, I guess in reality, it looks a bit darker.

However, I always figured that if one of my children were to inherit my brown eyes that she'd have them at birth. Ella managed to keep her beautiful blue eyes, but over time Lucie's began to change. I wasn't sure what color they were going to turn...but now there is no mistake about it. Lucie has her momma's eyes. Funny enough, it is something that she likes to talk about nearly every day. "Ella and Daddy have blue eyes. Lucie has brown eyes like Mommy." She looks for brown eyes in other people...and animals too! Today we were swimming at a friend's pool and they have a beautiful dog that Lucie just adores. After getting up close and personal with the dog, she was very excited when she noticed "Hey, puppy has brown eyes like Lucie!"

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