Thursday, March 11, 2010


Last week when I picked up Ella from school in the rain, she lamented the fact that she doesn't have a cool umbrella like some of the other girls in her class. It is rather difficult for me to hold Lucie and an umbrella AND keep Ella covered with it as well. She usually just ends up sprinting to class in the rain instead of walking with me. After her comment, I thought that it probably would be a good idea to buy an umbrella just for her. So, I decided to keep my eyes open for a good deal on a "cool" umbrella.
Yesterday I was checking out MoneySavingMom and came across her post for BTrendie - an invitation-only shopping network for moms. They have Shopping "Events" that are usually open for 36-48 hours in which they highlight a certain product.  It is free to join the website, but you have to be invited. I joined through MoneySavingMom's link and got a $10 credit! Yesterday and for the rest of today, they have a sale on Kidorable Umbrellas. Normally, they cost $13.50 but they are on sale for $7.99 plus shipping. With the $10 credit, one umbrella only cost $5! So, I decided to get one for each of the girls -- the dog for Ella (per her request) and the bee for Lucie. It only cost me $13 for two (shipping included) -- less than the cost of retail for one.

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