Monday, December 14, 2009

Make-It Monday: Personalized Shirts

Okay, I admit it. I slacked off. I neglected to post an idea last week for Make-It Monday last week. I'm so sorry!

My excuse? Well, things got a little nuts with our road trip to Oregon, the ensuing recovery period and then the preparations for my hubby's bday and our first family trip to Disneyland. Sadly, Make-It Monday slipped through the cracks. But, I'm back today with another gift idea.

But first, let's recap the previous Make-It Monday ideas:
Today, I'm returning to the child-theme again. I confess, I haven't actually made this particular gift, but I have been the recipient of two, or rather my girls were. It's a super-cute and frugal gift - personalized shirts!

When Lucie was born, Naomi, an out-of-state friend, made these cute t-shirts for the girls. Being a mother of multiple kids herself, Naomi not only sent a shirt for the newborn baby but one for the big sister as well. Although they may be low in cost, they are high in the cuteness factor!

All you need is a plain white shirt, a pencil, a needle and some colored embroidery thread. Rather than using just a plain Hanes t-shirt, Naomi used shirts that had a more stylish looking sleeve. I think that they were probably only a few dollars -- I bought some similar ones from Walmart when Ella was little and I remember them being inexpensive.

  1. Using the pencil, lightly sketch out the child's name on the shirt using small x's. You could look for a cool looking font on the computer and try to replicate it by hand. (Naomi used a more girly-looking script that I just love!)
  2. Using the needle and thread, cross-stitch over the small x's to form the name. For more visual interest, use different colors for each letter.
  3. You can wash the shirt to remove any visible pencil marks.

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