Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Cleaning Streak

There is something about Fall that makes me want to clean my house. Not just tidy it. Really clean it. You know, get to all the dust, cobwebs, messy cupboards, etc that I've overlooked for the past several months. Perhaps its all the homey decor that the stores are filling their shelves with, or maybe the impending holidays that make me want to clean. Or maybe it is because my life revolves on an Academic-Year schedule so September is really like New Year's in my world. Whatever it is, I get an itch to do "spring cleaning" in the Fall.

Last week, Ella had a spontaneous playdate with our neighbor Will. Since she was happily occupied, I decided to get to the Fall cleaning. After months of staring at the dust and cobwebs on my ceiling fan, I decided that would be first on my list. Oh, what a great feeling it was to have it sparkling clean! I was even motivated to dust, and clean the mirror and sliding door in the surrounding area. I followed that up with cleaning the screens and windows (indoors and outdoors) over the weekend. It's amazing how much more light comes in when the windows aren't filthy. (Martha has some nice tips for cleaning windows if you're interested.)

I'd love to say that my home is now sparkling clean and organized, but that is not so...yet. However, I have been inspired by OrganizedHome's Cleaning Grand Plan and I've now got an ever-growing list of projects that I want to tackle in the coming weeks. Hopefully, by the time Halloween comes around, I'll have accomplished most items on my list and will be ready to start my holiday planning.

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Rebecca said...

I just reorganized one of our closests too. I'm behind you though... still haven't tackled the ceiling fans!
Is Ella busy on Tuesday? Will would love to have her over to play for a little in the morning.