Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back to MOPS

It's that time of year again for me...time for MOPS! No, I don't mean that it is time to mop my floor, although truth be told, it can pretty much always use a good mopping. I mean that it is time for my local Mothers of Preschoolers group to start meeting. When Ella was just a wee 9-months old, I went to my first meeting and loved it. MOPS is an international organization that exists to encourage and equip mothers of young children (conception through Kindergarten) to realize their potential as a woman, mother and leader. Our local meetings usually consist of brunch, a speaker, a craft and lots of time to talk with other moms in the same stage of life. While we have some time to ourselves, a dedicated group of volunteer caregivers look after our children. I feel so blessed to be a part of this group and I'm so glad it is starting up again tomorrow!

For the past couple of years, I've been the editor of our monthly MOPS newsletter. Although, it can be time consuming, I do enjoy doing it. It encourages me to keep writing and thinking. I've been working on the newest edition, and it has reminded me how much I enjoy writing articles. A couple of years ago, I was actually published in their bi-monthly magazine MomSense, a publication of Christianity Today. (If you're interested in the article, you can read it online here). I've also managed to get a couple of articles published on the MOPS International website as well (here, here and here). Although I'm far from a successful freelance writer, I've been inspired once again to keep trying and keep writing. Like everyone, I get moments when I question my capabilities..."Really, do I have anything to say that people would be interested in reading?" But, with this newsletter, I've made a commitment and I've got to stick with it. I'm hoping that it will be a fruitful year with my writing. We shall see....

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy my MOPS group! I'm going to enjoy the fellowship, the speakers, the crafts, the brunch and the coffee that I can finish while it is still hot. Because we take turns bringing lunch, I'm going to be trying out a new recipe - Bacon Cheddar Egg Bake. It looks mighty tasty and since it's my big sister's recipe, chances are that it is good.

If you know of a mom who might be interested in joining a MOPS group, you can find where groups meet here.

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