Friday, April 03, 2009

And they're off!

Ella & Daddy's Adventure in the British Isles has now begun! Yesterday was a whirlwind of searching for needed items, shopping, notarizing "authorization" paperwork and packing. I don't think that I stopped moving until they pulled out of the garage.

Ella was very cute when I showed her all of the things I had packed for her. I wrapped little gifts for her -- one for each day -- along with a little note from me. So, at least once a day she will remember me! There were two other things that she was very excited about. She loved this little leather coin pouch that I bought a decade ago in France (you can see it by her head in the photo above). In fact, she swiped it out of Brett's bag when we weren't looking and decided that SHE wanted to carry it. I think because it is full of coins she thinks that she can throw them in the fountains. I sincerely hope that Brett sorts out the valuable euro & pounds and just leaves the pennies for her to use. Otherwise, Ella is about to throw about $25 into fountains! She was also very excited to see her passport...and she swiped that out of Brett's money wallet too! We quickly told her that the passport stays with Daddy. Isn't her passport photo cute? She was only two when she got it for our Italy Trip in 2007.

Last night they left home and spent the night closer to the airport with Brett's parents. Then this morning, my sweet mother took them to the fly-away to LAX. Their flight left around noon today and I believe they are still in flight. Once they get to London, they have another flight over to Dublin before the real fun begins. Thanks to the cool iTouch we got for free when we bought our Mac, Brett should be able to access his email if he finds some free wi-fi spots along the way. So, starting tomorrow I just might start checking my email frequently.

I've made it through Day 1 of the separation...and I plan to keep busy for the other 9. I will be cleaning, organizing and doing the Girls' Room Makeover. I'm going to try to take a "Before" picture tomorrow before I start changing the room as Ella knows it. I really hope that it turns out to be a nice surprise for her when she returns. I've got lots of ideas floating around in my head and hope that my sister Jamie -- who is very artistic -- can help me realize them when she visits this weekend. If I have the time, I'll post pics as things progress!

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