Monday, January 05, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas! Oh wait, that was like two weeks ago. Well, Merry Belated Christmas! Like I said, things have been crazy for me. So, now that things have calmed down a bit with Lucie's 1st Bday Party over, I thought that I'd update the blog with a recap of Christmas. 

So, after I got a prize on December 11th for being the least prepared for Christmas (ie I had NOTHING done), I made sure that we ran out the very next day to get our tree. I figured then at least it would feel a bit like Christmas in our house once the decorations were up. 

First we headed to Rite Aid to get some colored lights. I thought that colored lights might be a nice change of pace from our traditional white. Well, I guess it can technically pay to be late with things because we picked up a string of 300 colored lights for only $3.75 (regularly $15)! While we were there, we picked up some ice cream too. Yeah, we actually ate ice cream while we picked out our tree. No, it wasn't particularly warm fact, it was rather chilly by CA standards. But, we did it anyway.

Fortunately, they had a nice bonfire going at the tree lot. Ella was too interested in eating ice cream and staying warm by the fire to care much about picking out the tree. Lucie too was entranced by the bonfire flames. So, we let Daddy do the picking, buying and loading of the tree. 

When we got home, we set up the tree. Again, Ella chose the angel for the top and helped put it up. 

Along with the other decorations, we got out the infamous Dancing Santa to see what would happen. Lucie thought he was pretty cool and pushed the button on and off. Ella, however, is STILL scared of the thing...although slightly less so than last year. A couple days later, Dancing Santa was moved to the garage where he couldn't terrorize her.

I love decorating for Christmas...I just wish that I had been more organized and we had done it a bit earlier. Well, perhaps next year.

Come back tomorrow to hear all about our Christmas morning and the big reveal of the Rose Petal Cottage!


Jamie said...

LOVE LOVE love the pics. Great post!

Caleb's Momma said...

Too funny that Ella is still scared of Santa. We miss you guys, can't wait to see you all next week.