Saturday, April 19, 2008


Well, Lucie is almost four months old, so guess what that means?! It's balding time! I started noticing it right around the time Brett went to France. Lucie's hair would fall out just by brushing it. It also didn't help that she had horrible cradle almost looked like fish scales. I tried the oil treatment on her head and it helped the cradle cap a bit but also took some more hair with it. I confess, she had a bit of a bald spot (yikes!) But, the cradle cap kept getting worse and worse and Lu's hair started sticking up at strange angles! I think it was technically falling out but being held on by the cap. Then earlier this week, Daddy was watching the news with Lu and let's just say that she had far less cradle cap and hair after the newscast. I'll leave it at that. So, now her dark hair is almost all gone and she's got some new hair growth starting. It looks lighter than her newborn hair so I think she might end up with light hair like Ella. Only time will tell.

But, Lu isn't the only one who is balding here. Yes, I'm afflicted with the problem too. After a nice hiatus (during pregnancy) from losing hair, it's now falling out with a vengeance. True, I don't LOOK like I'm balding (no bald spots) but I shed an incredible amount every day. I think now is the time for a serious haircut. I'll probably do that in the next week or two. It just may be a dramatic change. We'll see....

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