Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Prayers for Ella

Last night was, well, rough. Ella was her usual sweet self last night and we put her to bed as usual. I was exhausted and tried to go to bed shortly after 11am and woke up around midnight to a screaming Ella. She was inconsolable and had a hard time telling us what was wrong. Eventually, she said that her ear hurt and agreed to take some medicine (which is usually a fight). I gave her some Advil and gave her a few eardrops that were leftover from an ear infection earlier this year. After about half an hour, it seemed to help. We snuggled up in her bed but she was restless and kept crying on and off for several hours. It wasn't until 4:30am that I was able to make it back to my bed without her waking and getting upset. All through the ordeal, I kept thinking:
  • What if she is sick when I have to go to the hospital for the baby? Who will I leave her with? Will she be traumatized? Will whoever we leave her with be traumatized by having to deal with a sick kid?
  • What if I'm exhausted from taking care of her and go into labor?
  • Baby #2, you're not allowed to come until Ella is better.
  • Oh, I want my bed....

At 8am, she arrived at my bedside like her chipper self. But, it's been less than an hour and she's lying in bed by her own choice. So, my guess is that she still does not feel well. I'll try calling the doctor in a bit and see if we can get an appointment today to have her checked out. I needed to call them anyway to make a well-child visit for January AND to give them a heads-up that they will have a new patient within the next couple weeks.

I'd really appreciate your prayers for Ella's health, for all of the childcare details while we're in the hospital and for her happiness while we're in the hospital. Thank you!

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