Monday, September 17, 2007

Brainy Baby

This weekend I picked up a Brainy Baby French DVD at a neighbor's garage sale. So far, Ella has really enjoyed watching the video. It just teaches some basic French words like colors, numbers, parts of the face, etc. Just yesterday, Ella started repeating some of the words. She does a pretty good job following the counting part of the video. A couple of times now, I've heard her repeating the numbers in French but when they get to "Sept" which is "Seven", she says, "No, that's seven." It's pretty cute.

I told Ella that Daddy needs to start watching the video with her. He's been wanting me to teach him some French, but I must say I'm horribly out of practice. The last time I used it was four years ago when we went to Paris. But, I suppose the video won't teach him very useful things for his purposes. He wants to pick up some language skills for his Spring Break trip to France with students from the high school. This past Spring, we got to go to Italy with him on a similar trip, but I think it would be far too much to take a 3-month old and a 3-year old this time around. We'll just wait until the kiddos are a bit bigger.

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