Friday, September 14, 2007

24 Weeks

This past Sunday, I hit the 24 week mark in this pregnancy. Along with the 24-week mark comes the joy of the Glucose Tolerance test to test for gestational diabetes. For those unfamilliar with the glucose test, it entails drinking a super-sweet 7UP-like soda that is packed with 50 grams of glucose and then waiting an hour and having blood drawn. If my body didn't process the glucose to appropriate levels during the waiting period, then I will have the joy of doing the 3-hour version of the test. The 3-hour includes fasting for 12-hours, a blood draw before drinking the soda and then another blood draw every hour after that for 3 hours. When I was pregnant with Ella, I failed the one-hour test and had to do the long version. Fasting followed by a sugar high is not a great combination -- I needed lunch immediately and a 3-hour nap afterward. Hopefully, I'll pass the one-hour version this time around...I'll find out at my appointment on Tuesday.

When I took the test this week, I had to take Ella with me. It was very close to naptime but I was hoping we could make it through. She did pretty well except in the beginning when I had to drink the soda. She wanted to have some soda and when I told her "No" she started crying hysterically. Fortunately, no one else was in the office and I was able to calm her down with a snack. We made it through the rest of the test without incident. However, if I have to go back for the long test, I'm definitely finding someone else to watch her!


FishMama said...

I love the three hour test! As you may recall, I skip the one-hour and go straight for the big enchilada. Find a babysitter and take your scrapbooking stuff. It's the best three hour wait in a lab I've ever had. ;)

Janel said...

Yes, the three hour break from Ella would be nice. However, I remember how incredibly awful I felt afterward the last time. The wait isn't's the aftermath. I have a feeling that I either failed the one-hour or I'm anemic because the doc's office left a voice mail for me to call them on Friday. They didn't leave any specific message so that leads me to believe I had an abnormal test result. We'll find out tomorrow when I return the call.