Wednesday, August 22, 2007

21 Week Check-Up

Today Brett, Ella & I went in for the monthy pregnancy check-up. It's kind of hard to believe that I'm 21 weeks along already. That's more than halfway! Since Brett heads back to school next week, this was probably the last one he will be able to go to. Since our doctor is in Santa Barbara, it's a little difficult for him to make the appointments during the school year. Anyway, this appointment was very similar to ones in the past few moves around like crazy and the doctor has a hard time hearing the heartbeat on the doppler. I wasn't too worried as I had expected that this might happen again. Dr. Echt could tell the baby was moving -- you can hear swishing sounds -- but she wanted to do an ultrasound just to be sure. With the ultrasound, she was able to see that that placenta was on top (a normal spot for it to be) and that could be a factor in hearing the heartbeat -- the doppler has to pick up the heartbeat through that extra layer. But, sure enough, the baby still had a heartbeat and was just moving around like crazy. It's making me start to wonder if this baby will have even MORE energy than Ella. If that is the case, boy am I in trouble!

Also, we spoke to Dr. Echt about our ultrasound last week with Dr. Soffici. We had assumed that Dr. S. knew the baby's sex since it is standard practice to check that out to make sure that everything is okay. But, according to the chart that Dr. Echt got from it, it says "Unable to determine sex". Dr. Echt explained that he must have checked and that the baby wasn't really cooperating. So, since we didn't want to know anyway, he didn't press the issue. So, for those of you who wanted for us to find out the sex, sorry! Everyone (doctors included) will have to wait until this little one comes out!

As for how I am feeling, my body is feeling the effects of change. I don't feel sick and I have a decent amount of energy. But, my body does hurt. I vaguely remember having similar pain with Ella, but I don't remember it being this frequent this soon in pregnancy. If this keeps up, I may be in some serious pain in about a month or two. With Ella it hurt a lot to walk for about a month straight at around 32 weeks. Today was a particularly painful day, but that may also have to do with my marathon gardening all day yesterday. Hopefully, the pain will ease up soon. But, despite the pain, I am very thankful for the life growing inside of me. I think about the pain I had with Ella during pregnancy and the 24-hour labor, I know she was worth every bit of it. I do feel blessed and thankful that my baby does indeed still have a heartbeat.

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