Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Baby Update: July Check-Up

Today I had my monthly prenatal check-up. There's not a whole lot to report. We met with Denise, the nurse practitioner this time. She seems to be very nice and thorough. She even took the time to answer Brett's question about a pain HE was having! We got to hear the heartbeat, although it did take awhile again to find it just like last month. I guess this little baby is on the move. S/he either has the Piersma puttering gene and is busy about the womb OR has the Getskow running gene and is in training. Either way, at this point s/he is not much like Mommy who has neither of those genes!

I also found out that I've gained about three pounds this month. I've noticed the need for new clothes. I realized that a lot of the maternity clothes that I wore a lot last time were borrowed and have since been returned to their owners. While we were in SB, I did get to stop in at a maternity store and got a couple of tops and shorts. So, I won't be flashing my belly as I was getting close to doing. But, I'm still on the hunt for a few comfy pairs of pants or jeans.

Today we also got the paperwork to call for a routine ultrasound appointment. If memory serves, it will take at least three weeks to get an appointment. So, I need to call tomorrow and get on his schedule ASAP. It will be reassuring to see the baby on a screen again and see that everything is as it should be.


FishMama said...

Shall I send the entire box of clothes home with Dad? We could go over the pieces on the phone and I could send home what you need. Don't worry...I got rid of everything older than Cal. :)

mon_key_hansen said...

I am so excited about your expanding family--and belly! Just wanted to let you know that I see Dr. Echt too! I just love her.

mon_key_hansen said...

that was Monica above, I don't know what happened to my display name!