Saturday, April 14, 2007

Funny Sight

On Thursday afternoon, I took this pic of Ella. You'll notice a funny combination of no pants, snow boots and an oversized backpack -- it was too cute a sight to pass up for a photo op. Auntie Jamie bought Ella these snow boots for Christmas. Since we live in sunny CA, she doesn't have many opportunities to wear them in the snow. So, she has decided that they are her "cowboy boots" and are acceptable for everyday outdoor play. They are big enough that she can just slip right into them and run outside to play. In the pic, she is pantless because Daddy changed her diaper and then didn't bother putting her pants back on. Also, the backpack is a freebie that we got for our Italy trip from the tour company. She calls it her "pack pack" and likes to wear it despite the fact that it is almost as big as her. She was very content playing in the dirt like this despite a pretty strong wind. Although she is a California girl, she can handle more cold than her momma can.

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