Monday, May 22, 2006

Visit with the Mathios Family

This last week we had a lovely visit with Brett's sister Rachelle, her husband Peter and their kids Olivia (age 5) and Simon (age 3). Peter is a wildlife artist and they came out for the Peppertree Art Show that was this weekend.

The last time we saw the Mathios family was back in August. At that time, Ella was just learning to sit up unaided. Now, she can walk, run and climb -- she can hold her own with Simon and Olivia. I can safely say that Ella LOVES her cousins! She enjoyed them sooo much. While they were here, she didn't have much time for her mommy or daddy. She just wanted to play with her cousins all of the time. I can see lots of fun visits with the cousins in the future.

Hopefully, Peter will be invited back to the show in November and we will get to see them again then. If you're interested in checking out his art, you can go to his website.

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