Sunday, February 19, 2006

Busted Lip

It's become a bit of a tradition on weekend mornings to bring Ella into our bed when she wakes up least earlier than I want her to. Sometimes, she will nurse and then sleep cuddled in between us. Othertimes, she doesn't want to cooperate and will crawl off the bed and start exploring our room as we watch her from our bed.

Well, yesterday she was playing with things from my nightstand. My vitamins are a particular favorite of hers -- she shakes the bottle and makes music. I'm not sure what she tripped on, but it may just have been her own two feet. She fell and bit her bottom lip right between her teeth. Both the outside and inside of the lip were cut open and bleeding. What a way to start off the morning! The bleeding subsided within a few minutes but her lip swelled a bit. Now a day later, it still looks pretty sad. Hopefully, it will heal quickly. Ah, the dangers of walking...

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