Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Noah's Ark Playtime

For Christmas, Ella received a Noah's Ark Playset and book from her friend Caleb. The set includes a soft ark that has doors that open and small soft figures with velcro (Noah & animals) that fit inside the ark. The book has felt pages that you can attach the figures too.

One morning, Brett let me sleep in and took over "Ella duty." When I got up, he told me that he and Ella played with the ark and book. He also got a bit creative with the figures...instead of attaching them to the book, he attached them to Ella! She had fun taking them off and throwing them on the floor. That is something that Momma never would have thought to do. Leave it to Daddy...

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FishMama said...

She is so cute! Keep posting - I love to hear your doings.